Dan Sheppard, Pipe Major

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Dan Sheppard and Steve Scheibner

Dan Sheppard and Steve Scheibner

This past week I had an incredible experience I want to share. As a Fire Department bagpiper I was asked to play at ALIVE! With Purpose at the Omni Bayfront. I had no clue what it was about and was completely stunned to hear Mr. Steve Scheibner, an American Airlines pilot, give his faith testimony entitled, “In My Seat”. Steve was scheduled to pilot Flight 11 from Boston to Los Angeles the morning of September 11, 2001. American Airlines Flight 11 was the first plane to hit the World Trade Center. His story is one of heartache and inspiration, and how the events of 9-11, coupled with his deep belief in God and faith in Christ has led him to live with a heightened life purpose.

At the conclusion of his talk, I was so moved that I spontaneously changed what I was going to play from a slow aire to “Here I Am Lord” followed by their originally requested “Amazing Grace”. For all purposes, Steve Scheibner should have died in that plane attack, but he now lives to show us all that we are living on borrowed time and the importance of using the time we have for in this life for God’s purpose. BTW, this event was well attended by many of our community leaders…that was a good thing to see.

Here is the YouTube video about his experience.

CCFD Pipes & Drums at Hockey Half-Time

CCFD Pipes & Drums was invited to play at an Ice Rays Hockey Game half-time.

FINS…fishing for the cure

picture of dan sheppard playing a fishing tournamentHere I am out on the water piping Amazing Grace in memory of Rene Karam at the FINS, Fishing for a Cure Tournament held in South Padre. FINS is a leukemia fundraiser hosted by the Ryan Gibson Foundation. In the picture, the boats have just taken off and the tournament is underway.

Bachelor Party/Pub Crawl in Port Aransas

photo of group of menWell this was a first. I had the privilege of piping these fine young men around a few places in Port Aransas not long ago for a bachelor party. It was kind of a mini “pub crawl” of sorts. I enjoyed providing them grand entrances at our various stops. This was a good, close group of guys. I had a lot of fun spending time with them. Best of luck John.

Texas Fire Pipes & Drums at Pearl Harbor Remembrance Event

image of texas fire pipes & drums on the USS LexingtonAdvancing up the ramp on December 7, 2008, Texas Fire Pipes and Drums began it’s part of the Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day upon the USS Lexington.