Bagpipe Services

image of bagpiper Dan Sheppard at the missions in Goliad, Texas.

“I am very honored when I am called to be a part of someone’s special event. I love the bagpipes and I love sharing its unique, majestic sound.”

Dan Sheppard is an all-occasion piper with over 20 years experience now serving the Dallas – Ft. Worth metroplex and other areas of north Texas.

 Other Occasions

People often have questions about how to best utilize a piper at their event. Dan will provide a variety of logistical options to consider as well as appropriate musical choices.

Dan has a variety of Scottish piping attire that ranges from the most casual “pub-crawl” wear to formal wear and full military dress. He prides himself not only by providing quality bagpiping but also in the professionalism of his attire and demonstrating impeccable decorum. He is adamant that no event will ever get less than his best.

Dan Sheppard now lives and offers bagpipe services in the Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex. If you are from another area of Texas and in need of a piper, click here to learn more.

Dan can be contacted at 361.438.0460 or visit his contact page to email him direct.