DAN SHEPPARD HAS RELOCATED TO THE DALLAS – FORT WORTH METROPLEX and is offering group pipe instruction (maximum 6) to emergency service bagpipers who are, or aspire to be, part of an agency band. He is also available for private or semi-private instruction to anyone interested.

“I really enjoy teaching and cultivating the individual talents of each piper. That is a top priority for me and why teaching gives me such personal satisfaction. That being said, my ultimate goal is to develop top-notch band members. When an emergency service pipe and drum band plays together, it’s usually an important event and they should be impressive. If I can help a band be impressive when they perform, I’ve done my job. My motto is to practice and play as often as you can, but make it fun!”

Every new tune starts with the chanter, sheet music, and lots of practice. Don’t forget to read my other pages: New Piper Practice Chanter Information and Before You Buy a Set of Bagpipes.  If you or your agency is interested in creating a group or private instruction, contact Dan for available times and a fee schedule.

P.S. Are you interested in playing along and/or learning from video tutorials? If so, grab your chanter and check out this new area of the website and join me: BAGPIPE TUNE VIDEO TUTORIALS.