New Student Practice Chanter Information

chanter_kit copyBecause it promotes consistency and ease of tuning during group practice, I encourage my older youth and adult students to buy the specific items I’ve detailed below. You may be able to find the same set-up by searching other vendors on the Internet. That is fine. If you don’t see this exact set-up on the site you wish to do business with, phone them. Many times they can put this package together for you. Make sure you get the same chanter length, “LONG”, and remember, your choice of reed makes a difference in tuning. If you have any questions feel free to contact me by phone or email. If you are a visitor to my site and plan to join a pipe band in another area, I would suggest you buy a chanter based on the recommendation of their Pipe Major. This is especially important if you are a student that is still growing. It is important to know if your ready for a full length chanter. You may need to begin on a regular length or a child practice chanter. Just know that there is only one length chanter on the Great Highland Bagpipe which equals the “long” chanter. Once your fingers fit the long chanter you are ready for the full set of pipes. However there are other variations of the bagpipes that you can play as you grow into the full set of highland pipes such as the shuttle pipes, fireside pipes and the half set of pipes.

I have had good luck purchasing online at Lone Star Piper and Henderson’s. You can order online or phone them. Lone Star Piper’s contact number is (817) 343-3341 and Henderson’s is 1-800-931-5010. Tell them you want these in a set:

  • David Naill “Long” Polypenco Practice Chanter.
  • College of Piping, 1st edition (green book)
  • CD to go with the book
  • In addition to this kit, you will need 2 Abbott practice chanter reeds.

It’s as simple as that.

P.S. In case you’re wondering. No, I don’t get anything in return for encouraging you to buy from Lone Star Piper or Henderson’s, except knowing you will get a good quality instrument at a reasonable price.