Bagpipe Tune Video Tutorials (Practice Chanter)

I’ve established this area of my website to serve as a place for my past and current pipe students, fellow band members and others to listen, watch, and play along as we expand our repertoire. Here in the Dallas – Ft. Worth metroplex, the numerous public service pipe and drum bands often co-mingle and combine their talents at events, so an extremely worthwhile goal would be for every individual band to learn the same tunes and play them consistently using the same music. That is the only way a mixed band can truly achieve a cohesive sound. If these videos can help provide uniformity, even in a small way, it will be worth it. With that being said, let me remind you that if you are watching these videos and play (or want to play) with a non-public service band outside of North Texas, your band may be using a different musical arrangement of the same tune with different harmonies and such. If that is the case, your time might be better spent practicing their music rather than mine.

Good luck and enjoy your practicing,