Dan, Guinness & the Rampant Airedale

dan_goo2Have you ever had that good-natured, funny friend who always joked around and kept you laughing, but the minute something bad was going down…HE was the one you wanted by your side going into battle. That’s my Airedale Terrier, Guinness, aka The Goo. He does not suffer from low self-esteem. Though generally low-key, good-natured and keeping us smiling with his quirky sense of humor, when he’s “ON” Guinness is large and in-charge, and kinda sucks the air out of a room with his “cock-of-the-walk” attitude. I’ve had people comment that Goo has a head like a horse, with alligator teeth, but what impresses me the most about Guinness is that he truly has the fearless heart of a lion. He backs down to nothing. They say, Airedales don’t start fights, they end them, and that fits Guinness to a tee. That is why when it came time to design a logo for my piping, I didn’t want a rampant lion…I wanted a rampant Airedale. The symbol of the rampant lion was an icon for Scottish Kings and warriors, the symbol of the rampant Airedale shall be mine.guiness_logo

Rampant Airedale by Lisa Sheppard, Dreamfly Creations. © Copyright 2015. All rights reserved.