Freedom Trip 2019 (May 30th Post #3)

Well, my first day in Belgium was incredibly fun but also quite tough due to jet lag. The flight over was not nearly as bad as I imagined (you know, big guy with a bad back and knees, aka “me” sitting miserably for hours in a cramped and confined space). Shelling out a bit more for Comfort-plus seats was well worth it. We experienced a bit of turbulence here and there but all in all the flight was over before I knew it and was pretty uneventful. My traveling buddy Jimmy Hisey and I fared a lot better than many others traveling to Freedom Trip who lost luggage and experienced multiple delays. Of course, once you FINALLY arrive, the idea is to stay awake and not go to sleep too early. That is easier said than done because all you want to do is find your hotel room and sleep the sleep of the sleepity-sleep. Fortunately, there were lots of interesting things to see to keep me distracted. I was excited to meet and spend time with other Freedom Trip participants who I’d previously only met through the Internet. It’s going to be a fun group. One of my friends from the Dallas area who was traveling with his dad, not only had delayed flights and a missed train, but the airline lost his drum. They were scheduled to arrive around 4 pm, but due to these delays, weren’t going to arrive until about 10 pm local Belgium time. With such a frustrating start to their trip, I was determined to stay up to greet them, grab a beer and a bite, and do what I could to help them decompress. After that, my day was done. So far Brussels reminds me a little of New Orleans with their old, historic buildings and old world charm. The architecture is amazing. Once I get my days and nights straighten out I can’t wait to explore more. Regards, Dan

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